A New Beginning

I have been writing my previous blog for over a year but now I have come to realize that it is time for a change.  I have changed and grown in so many ways over the last year but I know that I can always be a better version of myself.  I survived one of the worst breakups of my life almost a year and a half ago.  I was finally getting used to being happy on my own when my ex came back into my life unexpectedly.

My ex and I had a rather intense eight month relationship that ended rather suddenly.  I never really understood why we broke up and it has haunted me every since.  Now I’m confronted with some extremely confusing feelings because he doesn’t know what he wants from me or even us.  I just want to date him again and see what happens but apparently he’s still not ready to deal with that reality.  It’s pretty sad really because when we are together it feels like we just hit pause so long ago and now we’ve hit play again.  I’m starting to realize that because my last class is so important  I need to put things with my ex on hold for awhile.  I need to focus on what’s important and not what my heart thinks it wants or needs.  I have three priorities in my life right now and that’s school, my kids and my job!! I need to focus and keep my head on straight.  Besides if he really loves me than he should be willing to give me some time to take care of myself.  Only time will tell how things will turn out.

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