I Finally Acted

So today i broke down and texted him. At first it seemed strange but in the end we were able to get through some things that we had previously avoided.  I’m still not sure where we are but i actually feel better.  He told me that he’s getting closer to wanting to try things again.  I told him that I would be busy over the next four weeks so that maybe that would give him some time to figure out what he wants.  He said maybe.  We agreed to talk while he was figuring it out but we left things open in terms of whether or not we would spend time together.  We will be together next Friday because we are both chaperoning the band to an away football game.

I’m trying really hard to focus on my school work tonight but I have to say that I’m not having much luck.  i have to write this coaching report about my school’s literacy and it doesn’t look even remotely interesting.  i know that I have to eventually do it but right now I’m really struggling.

I’m supposed to go to Six Flags tomorrow with the kids and my best friend.  i know that I should really stay home and study but that would probably be a waste too.  I have to spend time with my kids too.  i can’t just work on school work.

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