One Day at a Time

Okay so last night I got very little homework done which was terrible of me.  I was completely unmotivated.  I need to learn that once I get home my phone needs to be turned off and put in a drawer, at least until i can get all my stuff done.  I just find my phone and my TV so distracting once I get home.  I have four weeks left of graduate school and then I’m done.  I’m so overwhelmed with everything right now.  I got my grades back this morning and I did really bad on my assignment that had to be turned in on Sunday.  Of course Sunday I had an incredibly hard time focusing and I had an argument with two people who mean a lot to me.  I have to make sure that tonight when I get home that I focus only on homework.  No TV and no phone.  My kids will be with their dad between 6pm and 8pm and I need to use those two hours wisely.  I can’t let all my school stuff fall apart in the last few weeks.   I think I’m going to have to start making lists so that I remember to get everything accomplished.  Now since I did poorly on the assignment I have to redo it and send it to my graduate coach.  I plan to do that tonight so that I will have a better idea what she’s looking for on the assignment.  i know that I have to just let myself off the hook at least a little bit since it has been so crazy but I have no idea what possessed me to get involved with my ex again right before my last class.  Now I have thoughts of him swirling around in my brain and I have no time to deal with them.  I’m always telling my students to focus and right now I need to remind myself of that fact.  I know that I can survive the end of grad school but I’m just so ready for it to be over!!!!!!

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