Missing Him

Today I realized how much I miss him.  I miss kissing him and I miss spending time with him.  I think he misses me too based on what he said but who knows for sure.  I want to go on a real date with him but at the same time the idea makes me really nervous.  The last time we were alone together we let things get a bit out of control.  I like being out of control with him but i know that in our situation I am better off not letting us go there. I want something real with him but I still don’t know how he feels.  I want to be able to be in his arms knowing that he’s mine and we are trying to build something together.  We have a potential date planned but I’m a bit nervous about it.  This time last week I was trying to get him to come home with me and I know that would probably have been a bad idea.  I just wish i knew how he really feels about me.

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