Small Favors

I found out today that I’m the only one, at least in the sense that really matters.  He still has no idea what he wants from us which drives me a little batty but patience is a beautiful thing and it is about time I learned some.

How do you wait for someone you love?  There is no guarantee that things between us will ever be the way I want them to be but at the same time if i don’t give him time than there is zero chance of that.  I told him last night that I want to be in his arms and he said that he wants me to be there too.  Does it mean something different for him than it does for me?  I smile just thinking about him and forget when I talk about him.  He makes my world a better place even when he’s not with me.  He’s such a good man.  I just wish he could figure out what he wants from me.  He knows that the only way we are going to know how we feel is by trying but for some reason he still hesitates.  I wish I could convince him that it would be good for us to try.  I’m trying really hard to just let him get there on his own because I know he doesn’t like to be pushed.  He worried before that I was too pushy and demanding with him.  I would be happy right now if I just felt like I was a priority in his life.  i love him and I just want him to show me that he still loves me.

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