Affairs of the Heart

My ex spent last night with me.  We had planned on him being here but after he had a migraine all day I expected him to disappoint me.  We were texting and I happened to mention to him that I wished I could sleep in his arms.  He responded by telling me maybe and I didn’t think much about it.  A few minutes later he told me that he had already left his house.  I was completely shocked and surprised at the same time.  He got here and he climbed in my bed and put his arms around me and held me really tight.  It is so amazing how safe and loved I feel in his arms.  He spent all night with me and then left early this morning to get ready for church. I wasn’t sure what to expect from church today after last night but I was pleasantly surprised.  After Sunday school I saw him in the hallway so I chatted with him for a couple of minutes and then I continued down stairs.  I sat in my usual place in church and was surprised when he came over there and sat down next to me.  This is the first time he’s done anything public in reference to us.  I’m not sure that anything has really changed between us but it was great to sit next to him in church again.

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