Observation Overload

Ok so I had to observe multiple colleagues in order to be able to finish the coaching report that I have due on Sunday.  So today I took a personal day from work but I spent the whole day going from teacher to teacher in order to observe a lot of different colleagues.  I visited English 2, AP Chemistry, Inclusion Algebra 1, Business, Marketing & Finance, Algebra 1, US History and a BIM 1 class.  It was actually an amazing day.  I found out that I work with some incredible teachers on my campus. I am actually looking forward to writing my coaching report now because of the observations I was able to make today.

On another note, my ex had a bad day today because he has been called in for a meeting on Monday that will require him to meet with three members of our district curriculum team.  I’m not happy that he has to meet with them or that he’s so upset but I was relieved that he turned to me.  He texted me right after it happen and then forwarded me the email.  I felt like it was a step in the right direction that he would tell me so quickly when something was wrong.  I want him to feel like he can turn to me when he needs me.  I want to be there for him.  I was a little surprised that he gave me the opportunity.  I can’t wait until I can spend time with him again.  I  miss having his arms around me.  I want to sleep next to him.  Tomorrow is another day but at least it is Friday!!

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