My Sense of Accomplishment

I just finished my last grad school assignment.  I can hardly believe that my coursework is done.  I can finally get my life back!!  I can be the mother my children deserve and start working on my health.  I have gained so much weight the last few months.  It is time to work on my diet and my exercise routine.  I need to take some time for me.  I deserve a massage. I did finally find a partner in crime for a haunted house this year.  i can’t wait.  We are going to do dinner, drinks, haunted house and then I’m going to help her make cookies for her cheerleaders.

I still haven’t talked to my ex but I’m ok.  He knows where I am if he misses me and right now it is more important to worry about me.  I haven’t even seen him since Monday but I know I will see him tomorrow because we are both performing in the pep rally.  Oh well life is short and I’m not going to waste my time waiting on someone else to wake up and realize what he is letting walk out of his life.  He lost me once and I thought that would teach him but apparently he is still oblivious.

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