The Confusion Never Ends

So after a week I talked to the ex last night and I’m even more confused than i was before. He says he’s not done but yet he still doesn’t know where that leaves us.  I love him and I don’t want to give up on us but I have no idea what to do.  It seems almost pointless to keep hanging on when he has no idea what he wants.  I wish i could understand what it is about us that makes him so reluctant.  I love him more than I have ever loved anyone!!  I’m just growing extremely impatient with all the waiting.  I feel like we should have some sort of an agreement about when and how we are going to spend time together. I don’t expect a full blown relationship but I definitely expect more than what he is currently giving me. I need to know that I matter to him and that I’m at least a priority in his life. It is definitely time for us to sit down and have a talk about what it is we both want and whether or not we can give it to each other.  We need to figure out if there is anything between us worth fighting for.

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