New Friend

So my co-worker that went out with us on Friday night has become an unexpected friend.  We have talked periodically all weekend.  It is so funny to me how out of no where you can connect with a new person and it changes your whole perspective on your situation. I am also so surprised when I connect with new people.  It is very nice to have a new friend. He is not a potential love interest but he is nice to talk to.

I realized today during church that my faith has been tested a lot lately.  I decided that I would start reading the Bible again so I started the Bible in a year plan this afternoon.  I completed the reading today and I really hope I can keep up with it.  The last time I tried to do this I couldn’t keep up with it.  I really want to get closer to GOD and get my faith back.  i don’t know what I am supposed to do with my life and I’m hoping that with GOD’s help I can figure that out.  I have to get closer to GOD for the sake of my children.  My daughter is struggling with so many issues these days and I don’t know how to help her or support her in all this.  My son is new in his faith and he will be baptized next month.  I have to be the example for them that they need so that they can continue to grow in their faith.

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