I miss you

Three words that can carry so much meaning from the right person.  From a beloved friend it can make you smile beyond belief knowing that you’re loved and cared about.  From a family member it can be the reminder that you always have someone on your side.  From the one you love it can mean the world.  I miss him and I wish it mattered. I know that he is totally and completely focused on everything other than me or us but I can’t help but think about him at the worst possible times.  It has always been the little things about him that I miss the most.  I miss the way he used to look at me.  I miss him telling me I’m beautiful because it meant so much coming from him.  I miss his goofy smile and the way he never worries about laughing at himself. He is the kind of man that can drive you crazy one minute and make you love him the next.  I’ve tried so hard to forget about him or let him go but in the end he’s taken up residence in my heart and I just can’t seem to evict him.  I deserve to be in love and happy but my feelings for him have prevented that from happening.  I know that the chance of us working things out is probably pretty low but I just can’t let him go.  I’m learning to expand my horizons and spend time with different people so that I’m not so focused on him.  I keep hoping that one day I will be able to let him go!!

This man is the love of my life!!


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