I feel like all I have done this week is get in trouble.  First off I got in trouble on Tuesday because my principal thought I should be babysitting our photographers in the band hall.  You see the photographer was there to take last minute senior pictures and she felt like I should be there with them to prevent anything happening with the seniors.  Unfortunately we have never had this issue so there wasn’t a good way for me to handle it.  I may be the yearbook sponsor but that doesn’t mean that I should be held responsible for setting up everything related to it when we have administrators that have to make the decisions.  It doesn’t help that our previous principal would never have left the decisions up to me like the new principal did.

Then today I got a meeting request from my AP that is my PDAS appraiser over something I shouldn’t have said.  I really wish that I could learn to keep my big mouth shut.  Needless to say after what happened to my daughter last year I get emotional whenever I start talking about our high school mascot.  The girl that is the mascot this year has spent more time acting like a cheerleader than she has a mascot.  I should never have gotten involved in the conversation but after an emotional week I didn’t use my best judgement.  Now I get to have a meeting with her mother over the mascot.  You know it’s bad enough that I have to go to a funeral tomorrow of a twenty year-old former student but having to have this parent meeting is really going to suck. To make matters worse, I have to have the meeting the Friday before Thanksgiving.

I am just starting to feel like everything at work is against me.  I had my evaluation last week and it was horrible.  He came in during the last period of the day on a Friday before a pep rally.  Then to make matters worse he got called out in the middle of it and had to come back Tuesday to finish.  Needless to say I’m not sure how I can possibly get a good evaluation when that is the way things went during the evaluation itself.  Then I figured it out today and I realized that I have only had one other observation by him all year.  I have had six or seven by the principal.  It’s weird if you ask me.  Of course she came in today and actually wrote a really good evaluation.  They have changed the entire observation form in Eduphoria and now it is even more complicated to understand.  I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday because I’m not sure I could handle anymore this week.  Tomorrow I leave with my mom and daughter to go to Houston for the weekend.  It will be so good to get out of town for a few days.  Being out of this house and city will help me clear my head.  At least while I’m traveling I won’t think about my jerk of an ex.

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