Starting Over

Can you ever really start over when it comes to an ex?  Is it ever really possible to let go of the past and move on from it?  In the past I would have told you no but now I’m not so sure.  This last weekend I spent the whole weekend with my ex.  The intention was not to start over or even explore the possibility of us getting back together.  We have an agreement that we are moving forward as friends.  This last weekend was more of a break from our current situation.  We agreed to no expectations and no restrictions.  I’m not really sure what I expected from the whole experience but it turned out to be positive in my opinion.  The thing is something happened.  Things didn’t feel the same between us that they have in the past.  I didn’t feel like everything was about chemistry.  We shared an intimacy that I don’t remember sharing in a very long time.  I still stand by our agreement to be friends because ultimately I think that’s the best thing for us right now.  I feel like we started over though in a strange way.  I feel like last week was a new beginning that extended into the weekend.  I feel like we have the chance to move forward as friends in a positive way.I haven’t spoken to the ex about it because I don’t want to spook him and make him think that I’m trying to start a relationship because I’m really not.  I know that I need to get through the next few weeks with him there to support me and I won’t have that if we are focused on other things.  I feel like he is distancing himself this week which bothers me but I know that if i make a big deal about it than he will think I want more.  Of course I’ll be honest, in the future I would love to have another chance with my ex but I know that friendship is more important right now.

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