Butterfly Kisses

So tonight I was on the way back to the high school where I work to watch a girls’ basketball game when I made the decision to listen to a song I hadn’t heard in quite awhile. I listened to the Bob Carlisle version of Butterfly Kisses.  I know I have been extremely emotional lately but I never expected my reaction to the song tonight.  I guess I should give you some background.  Almost 18 years ago when I got married the first time, my dad and I danced to this song at my wedding.  I made my dad cry twice that day.  The first time was when we were walking down the aisle together.  We were both crying almost the whole way down the aisle.  The second time I made my dad cry that day was when he heard this song.  I never would tell him what we were going to dance to so he was completely blindsided.  This afternoon I was bawling by the time I got to the end of the song.  This particular song has always made me emotional but in the wake of everything else it was just too much.  I hate that I’m so incredibly emotional right now but it just seems like the smallest things bring me to tears lately.  I am so thankful for all the memories I have of my dad.  I am thankful for all the years I had with him.  Tomorrow is a significant day in my life where I get to show the world that hard work really pays off.  My dad would have been so proud of me tomorrow.  i know he will always be with me but I would give just about anything to be able to hug him tomorrow after graduation.  I’m not only getting my master’s but I’m getting it from the school he used to work for.  He always wanted me to go there when I got my undergrad but it wasn’t what I wanted.  Now for grad school he finally got his wish but he didn’t make it long enough to share it with me.  I have realized so many things in the last few months since he died but the thing that sticks with me more than anything is the fact that i am truly my father’s daughter.  So tomorrow when I graduate I’m going to have the words my father’s daughter across my hat so that I can honor him. I love you dad!!!!!


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