Graduation Day

So graduation is over.  I am officially a graduate of UTA.  I have officially obtained my master’s degree.  I was really proud of my self because I only teared up one time and it wasn’t while I was walking across the stage.  In all honesty it felt so good to be able to just be happy about what I have accomplished.  When it was all said and done it was just my mom and the kids with me to celebrate this accomplishment but that’s ok.  My family was there and they are the most important people in my life anyway.  i don’t know if I’ll pursue anymore education over the next few years or not but at least I know that regardless of what I do my family will be there to support me.  It was so wonderful to see the looks on my kids faces and to know how proud they were of me tonight.11226177_1699104853643138_7370168095060539411_n

I had a piece of my dad with me too!!!


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