Day 4 of 2016

So today was my first day back at work after Christmas Break.  I spent all morning in training sessions that dealt with technology.  The sessions weren’t bad but I wonder how effective it really is to spend so much time focusing on technology.  I think technology is great in the classroom but that doesn’t mean that the old fashioned tried and true methods are bad or should be forgotten about.  This afternoon I spent working with my co-teaching partner planning for the next few weeks.  I guess going back to work with colleagues is a lot easier than jumping right back in with students.

I am surprised at how happy I am right now.  I am happy about the choices that I’m making in my life.  I am really considering the trip to Spain during spring break.  I think it would be amazing to travel to a foreign country with several other educators.  It is important to be able to stand on your own two feet.  I have wanted to go back to Spain ever since I got out of high school and I haven’t gone.  Now I have an opportunity to go back. I should probably save money but life is short and sometimes you have to take a chance on life.  My parents have always had plenty of money and once they retired they never went anywhere.  They just stayed in the same place until my dad got sick and then they couldn’t do anything.  What is the point of having money if you can’t even enjoy it?

Now this summer I really want to go to Peru and work training other teachers.  I think it would be an amazing experience that would reinvigorate me in so many ways.  I love education and learning and i know that there is more than one way to learn in life. I’m hoping to eventually get into a job that would allow me to train other teachers all the time so i think the Peru trip would be an amazing experience for me.  The crazy thing is that my mom supports the Peru trip but I’m not sure how she would feel about me going to Spain over spring break. Now is the time to do things for myself and to work on what makes me happy.  The happier I am on my own the happier I will be when I eventually get in another relationship.

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