First Dates

So I signed up for online dating right before Thanksgiving and to be honest it hasn’t proved to be very fruitful.  I went on my first date a few days after Christmas and it was awful.  I didn’t really connect with the guy at all and he kind of creeped me out. I literally started crying on my way home from dinner. At the time I thought it had to do with my ex but now I’m not so sure. Then I went on another date last Saturday. The guy seemed nice enough but he had only been divorced for four months which was a bit of a red flag for me. Then I got a text from him a few days later and he said he wasn’t ready for dating which didn’t surprise me at all. So yesterday was first date number three. This guy was really great and we had been talking for over a week so I was really excited when we decided to meet yesterday. We were originally supposed to go to dinner last night. On Friday his ex called and told him that she wasn’t taking their four year old son for the weekend. He immediately texted me and we changed our plans. We decided to meet at Chuckie E Cheese for our first date since he had to bring his son with him. I was immediately comfortable with him which surprised me a little. We had a great time talking and playing games with his son. Afterwards he asked me to come over for dinner. We talked a bit before I came over and he made it clear that he considered dinner our second date. So I guess you could say I’ve finally gone on a second date. He made me an amazing dinner and we spent the rest of the night watching movies. It was laid back and comfortable. He’s very sweet and incredibly respectful. We both want to get to know each other better which is really cool. My only concern is that we both have extremely busy schedules and then of course we have three kids between us. I have faith that we will figure it out though. I have a really good feeling about him.

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