Why is it that men always have to leave you in such a sense of confusion? I think it is so simple. Either he likes me or he doesn’t. Either he wants to be with me or not. I feel like I have moved from one confusing man to another. He referred to our situation as a relationship last night. I’m not sure that he meant we are in a relationship or that we could potentially have a relationship. I was literally dying to ask but I didn’t because most guys get weird when you want them to put labels on things. We’ve been talking for about three weeks but we have only had three dates. I’m honestly not sure I’m ready to put the relationship label on what we have right now. I do like him and I want to get to know him better but it still seems strange to call it a relationship. I could also be suffering from confusion because my ex had no problem sleeping with me but he wouldn’t even consider us getting back together or us being seen together in public. Am I really ready to be in a relationship? Am I ready to have someone call me their girlfriend again? Do I ask him what we are doing or do I just wait it out until he’s ready to talk about it? I guess if I go to Decatur on Saturday maybe I will have a better idea where we stand. I really want to see him but I’m not looking forward to driving all the way back from Decatur on Saturday night. The other thing I am considering is whether or not I’m doing all the work for us to see each other.  Of course he did invite me to the race so we could hang out.  He was also very honest about his race schedule when we first started talking.  Besides I would kind of like to see his little boy race.

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