Taking Chances

So yesterday I took a chance with the paramedic and I drove to Decatur to a place called Rocky Ridge.  It is basically a park designed for dirt bikes and four wheelers.  I actually rode on a four wheeler for the first time since I was like 16.  It was a lot of fun.  We had a fire last night and I got an opportunity to get to know his brother a little better.  I also got to spend some more time with his son. I even stayed with him last night because he really wanted me too.  I guess the reason I’m not sure what to think now is that I haven’t heard from him since I left this morning.  I guess I shouldn’t worry but I can’t help but feel my old insecurities coming back into my thoughts. I really thought things were ok when I left this morning but now I’m wondering if he regrets me staying last night.  I have to say that it felt great to sleep in his arms last night. I have texted him a few times and i haven’t heard back so I will just leave him alone.  I really hope I hear from him tomorrow.

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