So today has been pretty bad because I started off the morning at a funeral and then I get a text from the man I’ve been seeing telling me that he doesn’t think things are going to work out between us.  I have asked for an explanation but he just ignores my calls and texts. I won’t contact him after today but I had to at least try and understand what happened when everything seemed to be okay the last time I saw him.

This afternoon I had an urge to text my ex.  It was strange because I wasn’t planning on texting him but out of nowhere I did.  I told him about my tattoo and asked him if he wanted to see a picture.  He said sure and we started talking.  It turns out he was having a really bad day.  I talked to him about his day.  I’m not sure if I helped make him feel better but I was still glad I reached out.  I think it’s important to be there for people when they need you.  I know he has plenty of people in his life that he can talk to but maybe today it was supposed to be me.  I don’t know what compelled me to text him but I just felt the need. God works in mysterious ways and it seems like every time the two of us drift apart we find our way back together. I know that I can’t get back into the same type of relationship we had before but maybe we can be friends at a bit of a distance.

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