New Day

So today is a new day and it’s important to remember that the beginning of every day is a new start.  I refuse to worry about what happened with the paramedic because in the end it is his loss.   I have also decided not to worry about my ex or his drama.  I saw him today before school and he acted different than he has the last few weeks.  In the last few weeks he would walk by me or be in the same room with me and not even speak.  Today he opened dialogue with me.  Sometimes I just wish things weren’t so complicated between us.

On another note I leave for Spain in 38 days from today.  I can’t hardly believe that I am going out of the country for spring break.  It will be so good to get away from everyone and everything I know for a week.  You know it’s funny because when I was dating the paramedic, I worried about being gone during spring break and trying to keep in touch with him.  Now I guess I don’t have to worry about keeping in touch with anyone.  I was looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with him though and now that won’t be happening.  That’s going to be a hard day because it’s also my dad’s birthday.  I’m not sure I will ever be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day the same way again.  I haven’t really had a good Valentine’s day in several years.  It wasn’t even that good when I had someone in my life.  I guess the thing I miss most about a long term relationship is being able to spend time with someone I care about on a regular basis.

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