When my son was 3 we adopted a Lab/Great Dane puppy that was 6 months old.  He became my son’s best friend almost instantly.  They played together, took naps together and just grew up together.  Now after all this time we had to say goodbye.  My son didn’t want to go with me to the vet today and I guess I can understand that.  He feels things very deeply and doesn’t always want to show his emotions.


This is one of the many pictures I have of the two of them together.  Chuck loved my little boy so much.  Dogs add so much to our lives and sometimes I think we forget that we don’t add to their lives, we are their lives.  He protected my kids and I through multiple houses.  He knew home was always where we were together.


My son will always love this dog.  I know that his heart is breaking just like mine but he’s a strong little boy so he will be ok.  Of course I keep calling him a little boy and he’s almost 13.  Life is short we must live everyday as if it’s our last.  RIP Chuck

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