Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned. He is a ten year old Lab/Great Dane mix.  He used to be close to 100 pounds.  I noticed Friday night that he looks like he’s lost so much weight.  He refused to eat most of last week and he barely got off the couch all weekend.  I have known that he wasn’t feeling great for awhile but I have hesitated to do anything permanent. My son is so close to him and I know that he is devastated to think about his friend not being here anymore. My son was three when we adopted Chuck from a shelter.  Shortly after we adopted him he came down with Parvo but he survived.  He was always meant to be our dog.  He has protected my kids and I for the last eight years since my first divorce.  He has always been a gentile giant.  I am so sad to think about saying goodbye to such an amazing member of our family but I need to think about what is best for him.  He deserves to be pain free and not to be so miserable all the time.  I know my other two dogs will miss him a lot but they will be ok.


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