As some of you singles out there may know, ghosting really sucks.  I am not the person that thinks it is appropriate to just stop contact for no reason.  It is interesting to me that there are so many cowards out there that can’t just admit when they aren’t interested in someone.  I’m not the prettiest woman or even the sexiest but I do have a heart and feelings and I don’t deserve to be ignored.  I haven’t had this happen to me a lot but I have come to realize that sometimes my ex does this to me when he is too big of a coward to face me.  The funny thing is that I know he still has feelings for me but he is such a coward he can’t admit to anything because he would rather go through life without feeling at all.  He claims to be my friend but then he will just disappear.  I have come to see all these disappearances as ghosting.

I know that dating with all this modern technology is difficult to navigate through but there is no reason to forget basic human kindness.  If you start talking to someone and then you meet someone else or you just aren’t that interested.  Be honest and brave and just tell them.  It is very difficult to have any respect for someone that would just intentionally ignore you rather than dealing with the problem.  After almost a week I finally got the paramedic to admit to me why he didn’t want to see me anymore.  The crazy thing is that it wasn’t some big secret or conspiracy and if he would have just been honest from the get go it would have been so much better.  Instead he acted like a coward and just didn’t respond to my messages for almost a week.  Who does that?  What on earth has changed in the dating world to make people think it is ok to just ignore someone they have been talking to on a regular basis.  I want to believe that there are still good guys out there and that one of these days I will meet one, but online dating and the attitudes I see from most of the men on these sites makes me doubtful in discovering future happiness of any kind. I refuse to give up on love but I have to say that at my age and in modern society it is a much more difficult journey.

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