Impossible Expectations

So I got a new principal this year and it has been crazy.  She is one of these people that will get something in her mind and she expects it to happen tomorrow.  It is almost like she has no true knowledge of a real classroom.  The big push for our students this year has been technology and small groups.  She has taken the idea of using small groups to an extreme.  I agree that using small groups for certain concepts and activities can be very beneficial but it doesn’t work everyday or for every concept.  The reality is that students in small groups rarely know how to stay on task.  They will complete the activity with as little effort as possible so that they can sit and talk to their friends.  Then of course you have those students that will just sit and talk with their friends and never get the work done. I feel like our principal has truly lost touch with classroom reality.  We have had so many changes this year which has made it especially difficult. Our new superintendent has brought in all these consultants which has just added to the chaos.  We literally have people in our rooms all the time. I wish they would just leave us alone and let us teach. I miss the days when we would have administrators in our room every once in awhile but it wasn’t such a disruption.  Honestly the administrators are in our classrooms so often that it doesn’t even impact the behavior of the students anymore. We have had more fights in our school this year than I ever remember us having in the past. I am so relieved that we only have 28 more days until spring break.  It is going to be so good for me to get out of town and be away from everyone and everything here.

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