Unanswered Prayers

So I have often wondered about these words because I always hear in church that God will answer prayers in his time not ours.  The part I don’t understand is the prayers that he never answers no matter how much you pray.  I got my heart broken into a million pieces almost two years ago and every since that happened I have prayed that God would take away the pain and help me let go of my ex. Of course the only prayer he answered was the one about the pain.  After awhile I stopped feeling so much pain but the love never went away or even diminished. I thought I was pretty much over the ex last August when I went back to school.  I knew I still loved him but I had stopped thinking about him all the time and I had cut off the majority of my contact with him. Then what does he do?  He comes back into my life with the guise of being worried about me because of the death of my father.  Then he acts like he wants us to try again.  During this time period I started thinking that maybe God had left me feeling this way because we were supposed to be together.  Early last fall the ex went to a Garth Brooks concert with his daugther and he posted a video of the concert with him singing Unanswered Prayers. He has a beautiful voice and I honestly thought it was God’s will bringing us back together.  Obviously I was in some sort of stupor because we never got back together and we are not exactly in a good place at the moment.  The crazy thing is that I have kept praying for resolution or closure when it comes to him but I still haven’t managed to get it. It has been almost two years and I still love him so much.  It is just something about the way it makes me feel to be around him.  When we are together it is like nothing has ever changed between us but then he will just get really cold. I want to move on and get over him completely but I haven’t figured out why God won’t show me the way to do that. I know I will probably never love anyone the way I loved him but I would still like to fall in love again.  I would still like to have a future with someone else.  So I guess I have to just keep waiting on God to answer that prayer.


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  1. Mon Ange · February 17, 2016

    You need to let go. Even it hurts. Slowly, God will heal your heart. You’ll fall in love again with some one who really love you & see you as who you are.

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