Unexpected Weekend

Ok so last week really sucked.  We had benchmark testing and an extended day on Friday after school. I went out with my English Department to a bar/restaturant off 7th street.  I was really having a lot of fun with my co-workers, so when one of my pretty good friends mentioned that I should go with her to another bar I agreed. We proceeded to go to the Flying Saucer in downtown. We spent a couple more hours out having fun and hanging out.  We were just about ready to leave when I got a text from my ex. I thought the text was completely out of the blue considering we hadn’t spoken in over a week.  We started talking and he eventually came over and we watched a movie together.  After that we sat up talking for over an hour until he grabbed me and pulled me to him.  I eventually fell asleep in his arms. It was nice because it wasn’t about sex or anything like that.  We just shared an intimacy and togetherness that has always been a part of what makes us special. We laid in bed Saturday morning trying to figure out what we were going to do on Saturday night for the date I thought we weren’t going to have.  Apparently he hadn’t forgot about our date.  We worked out the details and then he left so I could get to my hair appointment on time.  I completely changed my hair so now I have a completely new look.

Here is a look at me after my date on Saturday night!!



Needless to say the ex and I had a great date on Saturday night but I am not counting on anything happening between the two of us.

Then Sunday I had my appointment to finish my tattoo.  We started a little after 11am and I didn’t head home until almost 5pm.  The tattoo took five mintues shy of four hours to finish yesterday.  I wasn’t under the needle the whole day but I swear it felt like it. The last hour was terrible because  by that point every part of my back was irritatied. I have to say that I am so happy with the finished product.  Here it is for all the world to see in it’s glory!!


Then my day ended with a two and a half hour conversation with a new guy.  It looks like I have a date Wednesday night.  Needless to say my weekend turned out very different than what I expected.

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