Today was a fairly typical Monday!  It was extremely busy and I felt tired most of the day.  Although on a positive note, I am only 12 days away from a plane ride to Madrid, Spain!  I can’t believe that I am spending spring break in another country!  I am so looking forward to meeting new people and seeing some amazing places.  I started packing tonight and I have come to realize I won’t have a lot of room for souvenirs!  I will have to makes sure that if I buy anything that it is extremely small.
On another note, the new guy hasn’t contacted me in over 24 hours!  I feel kind of bad that I never really had a conversation with him about my feelings but I guess he could just tell.  I have just come to realize that I’m to old to waste my time with someone I’m just not that into!  I will meet the right person when the time is right!  I don’t really need to be involved with anyone when I’m going to be gone most of the summer anyway!

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