Countdown Begins

I leave in five days for Madrid!  I can’t hardly believe that I’m spending my spring break in Spain! I have all my stuff together for the most part except for my last minute toiletries. I printed off the last of my paperwork for the trip today!  I still need to register with the state department and make copies of my passport and other documents! I’m super excited about my trip but I am getting a bit of nervous anxiety about it.  It will be very different to be traveling with eleven strangers. 
On another note, I have connected with yet another guy through an online dating website. I have canceled my subscriptions to the two I am currently using.  They will both expire sometime in May I think.  I leave for Bolivia on June 5th so the dating sites will just have to wait until after I get back. The new guy seems nice enough but I have all but given up on finding a successful match online.  I exchange emails with him and I may eventually go out with him but I don’t really expect anything to come of it.  I honestly think I am supposed to be alone right now.  I don’t know what God has in store for me but he seems to want me to be single while I wait on the person I’m supposed to be with.

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