The Group

So the whole time I’ve been in Spain I’ve been with a group of eleven people counting myself!  Interestingly enough, I am the second youngest person in our group not counting our guide! The youngest person is only four months younger than me!  All of the ladies in the group are quite a bit older than me!  I’m as far off in age with the guide as I am to the other ladies!  It is actually quite strange!  I like my group for the most part  but I can definitely see differences too!

There are only two males in our whole group!  The first one is our 27 year old guide that is from Spain and the second one is gay!  I have to say it has been aninteresting  trip!  I can’t believe that I’m going home on Sunday!  I’ve had so much fun and I’ve seen so many amazing things!

Here is another picture of the group!!

This is the last one we have so far!!  I know our guide took one today so hopefully he will send the other one to us too!

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