Test Day

So today was the first day of this year’s STAAR tests.  If you’re not from Texas you probably haven’t heard of STAAR but those of us that live in Texas never hear the end of it. I had to administer the English 1 test. I always have to administer tests when the STAAR comes around but today was especially awkward because I had to spend the whole day next to my ex.  I was supposed to be in another room but this morning they had to change it so I ended up being in the library right outside the lab that my ex was administering a test in.  I tried my best just to act as normal as possible but I’ll be honest there were times that it was hard to concentrate with him so close to me. I felt like he was watching me part of the time and a few times I felt like he was coming up behind me.  It was so odd because there were times that I could feel his movements behind me despite the fact that I wasn’t looking at him. He kept engaging me in conversation which just made things even stranger. We haven’t talked very much since I got back from Spain and I refuse to be the one that continues the contact.   I have to administer another test on Thursday and I really hope I’m not forced to deal with my ex for two days this week.

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