New Chance

So I have read others posts about online dating as well as experienced my own share of craziness associated with it. I have canceled all my subscriptions but a guy randomly sent me a message about a week or so before I went to Spain.  He sent me a message telling me that he thought I was cute but that I was way out of his league.  We started a casual conversation back and forth.  We have this easy banter between us that I haven’t found with anyone else recently. We have talked a lot since I have gotten back from Spain and despite my better judgement I am going to meet him on Friday.  He has two obvious flaws that would make a relationship between us difficult but I can’t help it. He intrigues me and I can’t put my finger on why exactly.  I think part of it has to do with his sarcasm and his ability to laugh at everything.  In his own way he challenges me which I  haven’t found in a man lately. We have become the most unlikely of friends but I feel like that is something more under the surface. I am really looking forward to meeting him on Friday.

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