Life is strange because you would think that I would have extremely positive vibes about the new guy after spending the whole weekend with him but now I’m starting to have doubts! I realized this morning that I’m not sure how I feel about him.  He was really great this weekend and helped me out so much but then last night he made some comments that rubbed me then wrong way.  We’ve only been seeing each other for a few weeks but I felt like he was complaining about things! We’ve only had sex a few times and honestly it wasn’t that great! He complained last night because  I haven’t initiated sex!  It put me off a little that he would be concerned about that at this point in our situation! We haven’t even made anything official so to speak! Then he complained about the fact that he always comes to my house!  The thing is that I live in a nice house and he lives in an apartment!  I have no problem with going his direction occasionally but I have dogs and he lives an hour away! I have my doubts about us to begin with so these complaints concern me a bit! I’m trying really hard not to blow him off but I’m not sure this is the right situation for me!

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