Crazy Ideas

So today I was monitoring the US History test and my mind went a little crazy.  Maybe crazy isn’t the right word for it. I got this incredibly crazy idea while monitoring the test. I had this odd idea that I am contemplating mentioning to my ex. We still don’t have any real closure and for the last six months we have floated in and out of each other’s lives in a sexual way.  I want to move on for good but I honestly don’t know how. This is where my idea comes in.  I thought my ex and I should try and date for a month.  I leave for Bolivia in 34 days and if we tried to see where things lead us until then maybe we would finally have the closure we need.  I know that it would probably be difficult to convince him to agree to this crazy plan.  I also know that we will most likely spend the month together and then go our spearate ways.  At least if we figure this out before I leave for Bolivia, than maybe I can finally move past him for good.  It would be one of those situations where we either try now or we let things go for good.  I don’t expect him to fall in love with me again and I’m  not even sure that I will still want to be with him anymore.  I guess I need to know something before I leave for Bolivia. I have to work with the ex over the next couple of days for the Algebra and Biology tests. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to actually talk to him about my idea. He will probably think I’m insane and maybe I am.  All I know is that in a little over a month I will be leaving for Bolivia and I would like to have some closure before that happens.

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