Next Year

So for the last couple of months I’ve been worried about whether or not I will still have a job next year. I finally got word from my principal that I have a job but it isn’t one I want. My principal has taken away over half of my job.  I will no longer be the yearbook sponsor and I will no longer be teaching ESL!  I got hired at my school to be the ESL teacher so I can hardly imagine not doing that next year. She has basically led me to believe that she just doesn’t want me to work there anymore. Honestly you would think after eight years things would be different.  Now I have the added stress of trying to find another job in a little over a month.  There are a couple of positions available so I’m trying to apply quickly so that I can be considered for them. I just have to pray that it’s in God’s plan for me to get another job before next year. 

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