Jerk Moves

So this morning I was discussing the specifics of an afternoon assembly with some of my colleagues when my ex decided to be a jerk. Another English teacher and I were trying to figure out what we were supposed to do considering we didn’t have a class during the time the students were supposed to be dismissed from class.  My ex started telling us that we needed to read the email.  We both responded with the fact that we had already read the email and we don’t have a class during the time students were supposed to be released.  He wasn’t really listening to us and rather than being respectful he started yelling at us.  After that he made a statement about the fact that this is why math and English don’t belong together.  The thing is it almost felt like he was referring to us and not really the current situation.  After that I stood up and told everyone to have a good day and I left.  I looked at my phone after lunch and I realized I had a text from my ex. He said that he had mixed up what the email said and realized what we had been trying to say.  He told me he was sorry about the morning conversation.  I chose not to reply because I was busy. When he arrived at the assembly this afternoon he made a point of asking me if I had gotten his text. I guess it was important to him to know whether or not I knew he was sorry. The thing is that his rudeness was uncalled for. We have had a pretty easy time getting along this week so I don’t really understand what prompted this morning’s outburst. I guess he was just in a bad mood.

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