Interview Jitters

So this morning I called in at work for a half day so that i could go on an interview.  I feel a bit guilty about it but I really didn’t have a choice.  I don’t have a good relationship with my principal so it isn’t like I could be honest with her. I think she has probably already gotten a phone call from the district I am interviewing with but I still don’t really feel comfortable talking to her about it. I’m so nervous about this interview because for the first time in eight years I really need this job. I need to get away from my old school. I think it is so easy to get comfortable in a job and then you stop growing. My job no longer holds any new challenges for me.  My principal has lead me to believe that if I stay at my current school then I will have any less challenge next year professionally.  She intends to test the bounds of my emotional strength by putting me on a growth plan and forcing me to have meetings with her every three weeks. Hopefully the interviewe will go well and I can start a new challenge at a new school next year. I am excited about meeting the principal because we share the same alma maters.  She went to UNT for her undergraduate and to UTA for her master’s degree. I just wish it wasn’t raining so hard this morning. I know that rain rejuvenuates the earth but it is such a pain when you are trying to make a good impression.

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