Being Spoiled

I know that I have always been extremely fortunate when it comes to my everyday life but I never realized how spoiled I was until now! In Bolivia it isn’t safe to drink the water so families boil their water to drink. Susana has a filtration system in her house for one tap in the kitchen so she actually has fresh drinking water but most families don’t! On Monday afternoon we had no water for several hours because the tank was actually empty. I didn’t completely understand at the time. Later she explained that they haven’t had any rain this year. Their tank was empty so she had to get up really early to meet the people that deliver water. I started feeling guilty for taking showers everyday. The family also recycles their shower water to use in the toilets. I never realized how lucky I was to be able to walk into my kitchen or bathroom and always have water. I will say that this experience is humbling me. Susana is always so great about making sure I have everything I need. I feel like a bit of a burden to her. I am beginning to understand more and more Spanish. I wish I would have spent more time studying it before I got here. I hope hope that I will use this experience in the future to make my life at home better. Life is too short to be miserable over an ex that never thinks of me!

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