Taking Life for Granted

I have grown up always having everything I needed and most of what I wanted. I was taught to give back to others but I never realized the conditions some people live in. In Bolivia abortion is illegal so many women still get abortions that end up killing them. They have grown up with the influence of the Catholic church but they find it’s preaching hypocritical.  Apparently in the eyes of young people here the church shouldn’t preach against abortion when historically there have been nuns that received abortions. I can honestly say I was a bit shocked and surprised when they told me these things. It seems that issues like abortion are a problem all over the world. I guess because I’ve lived in the bubble that is known as the United States I never realized that. The water supply is a problem for everyone in Bolivia. Some areas in Cochabamba have water turned off at night while others lose it for a whole day each week. I think of the ways in which we conserve water in my area and it seems like a joke. We conserve water by not watering our grass everyday. The people in Cochabamba have very little grass around their homes. Many have dogs that don’t even have access to grass because they live in apartments. There are also stray dogs all over the place. It is very sad to see these animals on the street fending for themselves. Family is very important here and most of the young adults continue to live with their parents until they get married. Many families even live in houses like Susana’s where it is five floors and each floor is a different family member. Susana’s husband built the house and each of his sisters live on a different floor. I can’t even imagine living that close to my family. It would be cool if my mother just lived a floor above us or below us though. I have noticed that Bolivians are not as conscious of their environment like Americans. There is trash on the ground along the street. The pollution is terrible because all the truffys or small buses emit horrible exhaust. I have noticed that my allergies are bothering me really badly here and I think its all the pollution. The students I have worked with so far are very eager to learn which is nice. They are trying to expand their speaking abilities so today we played lots of games. I understand now why so many people are so desperate to be in the US. Public universities offer very cheap education to their students and many of them will continue to go to school because it is so cheap. 

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