Obviously I have a passion for writing or I wouldn’t be keeping up with this blog. I have been in Bolivia almost a week. Six days ago I started writing in this rather unique book.


I have already completed 74 of the 642 writing prompts. I have found that since I am in a new place with a lot of down time that this book has been awesome.  It has all sorts of prompts like your first kiss, first time you had sex, and even prompts like what do you store in your closet. Some of them are designed to be story ideas and others are just designed to get you writing. I have been dating every prompt as I complete it because I have been skipping all over the book. I think it will be so interesting to go back and look at what I wrote and when later on. It is do funny to me how some days a prompt just jumps out at me and other days it seems uninteresting. I’m hoping that I can complete the majority of the book while I’m here but we shall see. 

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