Ok so I have been contemplating the idea of unfriending my ex  on Facebook.  I’m not angry with him but I do wonder if it would be better for both of us to have some separation from each other.  For the first time since we broke up two years ago we won’t be working together anymore.  I think not working together will be a plus for both of us but I still wonder if it would be easier on both of us not to know what is going on in each other’s lives. We still go to church together but we don’t really interact that much at church. I need to move on and every article I have ever read about getting over an ex says you should not be friends with them on social media. Two years is long enough to hold on to an ex-boyfriend that doesn’t feel the same way about you. I need to give myself an opportunity to meet someone new.  I need to keep living my life the way I have the last few months and let go of the ex completely!!

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