Healthy Decisions

So I made the decision to leave my old school district after eight years on a split second opportunity. I left all the students, parents and colleagues that I had come to depend on. I have to say that after two days of new teacher orientation at my new district I know that I made the right decision. I don’t remember a time when in-service has been less stressful for me. Tonight i met one of my former colleagues who also happens to be a good friend at happy hour after work.  It was so nice to catch up with her but it was also nice to get out with some other people.  She introduced me to two of her other friends and they were both really great. Next week my friend and one of her other friends are all going to a Ranger Game together. I am so glad I am getting out and enjoying life.  It is so important for me to live my life and forget about my ex for good. It is so funny because my ex has a classroom close to my friend now.  I am so lucky I’m not still working with my ex because we would have been only a few classrooms away from each other this year if I would have gone back. We both need a nice long break from each other. I am really hoping that over the next few months we get that break.

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