First Day of School

So in true first day of school fashion it was utter chaos. My first five classes are Senior English and I had to take them all down to the gym to get their ID pictures taken.   First period we barely got back to class before it was time for second period. As the day progressed  we began to have more and more time. My conference period is the last period of the day and I’ll be honest by the time I got there I was utterly exhausted. I know that once i get used to my schedule it won’t be so bad but I’m not sure how much I’m going to like having five sections of Senior English back to back. My ESL classes are very different than I am used to at my previous school. I will say that I survived my first day and I am actually looking forward to tomorrow.

On another note my two kids seem to have had an amazing first day of school. I don’t remember the last time my daughter was so happy about school. My son had a great day too. They both made new friends and expanded their horizons. I feel like this could really be a great year for all three of us.

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