Out of the Box

So today I had a discussion with my seniors about thinking outside the box.  I think to often in public school students are put into a box and expected to produce specific answers without learning how to think for themselves. I think it is very important for students to learn to think for themselves. I want my students to have opinions that they can back up. I want them to get excited about literature because they know that their opinion will matter. I am really excited about the opportunity to hear their opinions. I learn from my children and my students. Learning is a continual process that we should never stop. We learn from all of our experiences as well as the people we come into contact with on a daily basis. I love the quotes that talk about every person that comes into your life has a purpose whether it be to teach you a lesson or to inspire you to be better. This year I want to inspire my students because I had the opportunity to be inspired all summer while I was in Bolivia.  It is time to pay it forward. I really think that this will be one of my best year’s of teaching so far. I am so glad that I made the decision to go to a new district and give myself the opportunity to thrive in a new environment.

I have come to realize in the last few months that the reason neither of my marriages worked out is because I was married to men that tried to stifle me. I’m honestly miserable when my creativity and enthusiasm are stifled. Life is short and I need to be in a relationship with someone that can truly understand me. I am happy right now by myself and honestly it will take an amazing man for to consider changing that situation. I have inner peace in a way that I don’t remember ever having before. God is definitely good!!

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