Rocking the Boat

So as a new teacher in my district I have tried to just sit back and figure things out but unfortunately I realized that what was going on with my ESL students was just not going to work. I tried to go to the counselor that is in charge of ESL but I felt like she just blew me off. I arranged to have a meeting with my principal about the situation on Monday. Well after talking to him he set up another meeting with counselor and I for this afternoon. I feel so much better about the whole situation now because I was able to talk with the counselor and we came up with a compromise that will make things easier on me and also better for the students. I will now have two combined classes of freshman and sophomores that I will be working with on literature and STAAR. The great thing about it is that I haven’t started the novel I’m going to be working with next week so it will be so much easier to adjust the classes. I will still have a challenge with the mixed classes but I think it will be much better than what I currently have. I am so glad that I spoke up for myself and my students. I am also super excited about my decision to change jobs. I think the job change was the best thing that I could have done for myself.

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