Sometimes I wonder why I have experienced so many strange coincidences that have involved my ex. So teacher in-service last fall we ended on the same group for the first day activity. During a Star’s playoff game we actually ran into each other. During STAAR testing last year we were either right next to each other or we had to administer the test together. Of course all of those occurred while we were still working together. As of this year we are no longer working together.

I have attended around six Rangers’ Games this year and besides the one we went to together I haven’t run into him at the Rangers’ Ball Park. Today not only did I run into him but I ended up purchasing the seat one away from his season ticket. To make things even stranger the seat I bought belongs to one of his friends. He was completely shocked when he saw me sitting there. Needless to say it was very awkward and uncomfortable for me too. Lucky for me, he and his friends decided to go drink rather than stay in their seats and watch the game. I was extremely  relieved when they left. Honestly what are the odds of something like that happening. I’m really starting to think that God has a strange sense of humor. I’m doing everything I can to not have my ex in my life and then he’s sitting one seat away from me at a major league baseball game. It wasn’t a very good game anyway.  The Rangers lost and my favorite player was having a bad day. Oh well not that I have had my rant I can move on.  Life is far to short to worry about strange coincidences. He’s not worth the time or energy.

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