Tuesdays that feel like Mondays

So it is always hard to go back to work after a long weekend. Today was no exception.  The crazy thing is that I got a lot of rest this weekend and I was more than ready to get back into to things at work. I guess today was crazy because we are now in the third week of the six weeks and that means grades are due on Monday. I have been keeping up pretty well with entering grades but I know that it will still be a struggle to have them all done by Monday. I finally got my seniors in Canvas replying to a discussion question today. Technology is great when it comes to online discussions and it is a great way to include all your students and not just the ones that choose to speak up in class. I have to say I wasn’t completely disappointed in my classroom discussions about Beowulf today. The students are attempting to understand what is going on in the poem despite the difference in language and phrasing. Despite the fact that the short week makes grading more critical, I am relieved to know that tomorrow is already Wednesday.

As I sit at home and wait for my high school daughter to come home and tell me about today’s fall play tryouts, I am reminded of the conversations going on at the school where I teach.  Our school is putting on a production of Annie this year with a new twist. They are creating a standard orphanage in place of a girls’ home. This change will allow them to cast more male roles instead of having a predominantly female cast. I am looking forward to hearing more about the production as my students go through tryouts and rehearsals themselves. I have seen Annie performed one other time at a high school but it was eight years ago when my daughter was still a very young girl. I am curious to see what both of us think about this new production.

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