Being Alone without Being Lonely

So one of my friends mentioned to me today that he struggles with the idea of being alone but not being lonely. I have spent a lot of time alone over the last year. I have traveled internationally by myself in addition to actually attending sporting events by myself. I have learned to be completely comfortable in my own skin and with only my own company. I’m starting to wonder if all that is such a good thing. I know that my two marriages were almost on top of each other in terms of timing and I never really got over the first one before I was involved with the second husband. I honestly almost did the same thing again after my second husband. I’m so glad I didn’t jump into marriage a third time. In November it will be three years since my second divorce was final. I can honestly say that I have put in the work and rediscovered myself this time. It took me along time to realize that the men who I was putting up with were never going to make me happy because they constantly tried to contain me. I am a free spirit with lots of enthusiasm and both my husbands had a habit of trying to contain that enthusiasm. I don’t want to be contained. I want to be comfortable enough to be myself and still be loved. I want to be crazy hyper without someone telling me to calm down. I would love to find love again but I refuse to settle for something that’s not what I want. It will definitely take a very special man to convince me that marriage is worth a third try. At the moment I am really happy on my own.

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