Weekend Events

So Friday night was exciting because my daughter’s school played the school where I work. The game was really exciting and it went into overtime. My daughter’s school ended up winning and even though I really wanted to see my boy’s win I was excited because it was my daughter’s homecoming game. It was a nice evening and we went out to dinner with some friends after the game. Yesterday I was really tired so I spent most of the day relaxing. 

Last night my daughter went to her first high school homecoming dance. My daughter suffers a lot from social anxiety so I was extremely proud of her for putting herself out there.  She went with a friend but she said she had a great time when I picked her up. Today we went to church. I’ll be honest I started feeling pretty bad this morning and I don’t really feel much better now. I wish tomorrow wasn’t Monday because I could really use another day to relax. I just really hope my allergies will be better before tomorrow because right not I am totally miserable. This is such bad timing too because I have open house tomorrow at work and then I have open house at my son’s school on Wednesday. It will be another busy week that will end with two Ranger Games next weekend. I really hope I can make it!!

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