Long Week

So when I finally realized that today was Thursday it was such a relief. Open House at my high school on Monday and at my son’s school on Wednesday. On Tuesday I was miserably sick and I’m still recovering from a bad cough.  On the bright side though, tomorrow is Friday and I can’t wait. My high school has a bye week this week so there is no Friday night football. I have tickets to the Ranger Game instead. I am going to the game on Saturday too. I never would have thought that I would enjoy going to baseball games but I have really learned to appreciate them this season. I have always enjoyed sporting events but for some reason I never liked baseball. Now I guess I have mellowed out enough that I can finally enjoy it. The Ranger Games have really been great for me this year. I have been off social media since the end of August and to be honest I really don’t miss it. I have a clear head and I am actually enjoying my new job because I’m not holding on to people from my old job. I was really lucky because a friend of mine from church told me that he made a mistake when he left our old district. He said he tried to hold on to it and it made him miserable for the first eight weeks or so. By taking a break from social media I have been able to let go of the past and truly embrace my new job. I am so glad he gave me that advice right before school started. I think the sad thing about the whole situation is that I really don’t miss my old colleagues that much. I have realized that most of your friendships with your colleagues are pretty superficial and once you leave they forget all about you. It has been weird to basically start over again after working somewhere for eight years but knowing that my old friends don’t even miss me helps. I haven’t heard from anyone at my old job since school started. I guess the friendships I had there were just temporary and convenient because of common circumstances. I really need to get involved in some new activities to make some new friends outside of work. I love my new colleagues but I don’t need to be super close with them to be content. I plan to enjoy my weekend away from the kids.  It is good for everyone to get a break occasionally. I have to say that both my kids seem to be super happy with their classes this year and I am pretty happy with my job. I think this school year is going to prove to be one of the best ones we’ve had in a long time.

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